I went to Art-o-Matic 2008, in it's final month long weekend. If you never been, or had reservations of going because you were unsure of what to expect...you MISSED OUT! This was such an incredible experience, especially for someone like me, who continuously looks for inspiration. There were ten floors of ART ART ART...And I am not talking about that humdrum boring, sit pretty and smile type art. But more so, art that comes right outta the azz of some crazy creative folks. At the last weekends showcase, there was a presentation of Art in fashion--photographers, designers, models, etc. showcasing their collections for the public. I am not going to lie, I arrived a little late--but I HEARD IT WAS AMAZING (smile). But what I did see, were the music acts, dance acts, brazilian band act, FIRE show act, spoken word acts, etc.... Plus, the best thing about this...IS IT IS ABSOLUTELY FREE. Now, think about that the next time you're throwing $10-20 dollars to an event that doesn't even reach the levels of mental stimulization as this event does/did. Here are a couple of pics I snapped with my camera phone (sorry for the poor quality). But after a while, i put it away...and just enjoyed my visit.

I aint wanna a close-up of this one...they were NEKID MEN...FULL OUT, (soooo...landscape and pull out shot is good here :)
a piece that caught my eye...what do you think? Clearly after lookin thru my camera, i realized i took more pics of NEKID ppl...than art, HMMMMM (time's are hard, lol). Anywho, hope you enjoyed the post...and i'll keep you posted when it comes back to town.


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