Jennifer and Jeffrey Fall Engagement Shoot

My dearest friend [of 14+ years] in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD, Jennifer Lucy Schumpert is getting married ya'll!  So it was certainly a pleasure for me to be asked (cough *told* cough) to take some simply amazing photos of her and her fiance---Mr. Jeffrey Tyler.  Now, me and Jeff aren't strangers to one another, a year prior to this shoot, Jennifer bought him a photography pacakge from me----and there was our introduction to one-another. And folks if you've seen Jennifers's face a few times on my blog, website, e-alerts, facebook thread........then yea, U KNOW SHE'S not shy when it comes to pictures--or working with me.  I love her so, because she is a true friend and one my faithful supporters.......(feeling a sappy emotional moment coming on [turns off this darn luther vandross playing in the background].  Woooo, that was close.  Back to the post folks, your boy Mr. Poteat almost had a weak moment thinking about how wonderful and truely happy he is for Jennifer and Jeff......I mean, thru the years, the transformations, the transitions, the drama.....(damn,....its hitting me again).
[Pull it together leonard, you got people watching you...and you aint no punk---pounds chest].  RIGHT! 


As for the groom-to-be...Mr. Jeffrey!  He is a burst of summer camp energy, which IMO is a GREAT balance to Jennifers...........ummmmm "not summer campy energy" ?? In Jeff's courtship with Jennifer, he has proven to me...(and I am sure to a lot of others), what patience, determination, and a virtuous spirit can lead you to....(being shot by me twice!) i kid, i kid.  No, in all seriousness, Jeff is a great partner to my friend, and i am thankful to be a part of their journey.  PLUS!! The two of them together makes a helluva post...i mean c'mon...DON'T THESE TWO LOOK GOOOOD together! ........

oh oh oh...I can't go on without mentioning the wonderful styling for this shoot by Ms. Alyson Pitman --cuz you know Jennifer was going to go all out for these :)...hence why we friendzzzzzzzzzzz 

Please enjoy

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