A very bad day...

So the team and I had two scheduled photo shoots. What happened leading up to that proposed time of our execution was nothing short of utter drama. All week...emphasis on ALL WEEK, there was not a drop of rain. Sunday arrives, and baaaaaaaaam, a monsoon hits. Wipes out all the hopes of us attaining our perfect double banger shoot. I will spare you the details of what these concepts were going to be, but believe me....they would've been "fierce". The team arrive for our meeting, you know to brush the dust off our shoulders and revamp for another day. There were a few choice words describing the day...(none of which appropriate for this here posting :) But what we did learn from all of this, is that we will have good days, we will have bad days...but most importantly, we stick together --- QUACK, QUACK, QUACK...(come on...classic mighty ducks quote). Anywho...enjoy the week friends, and keep coming back here. We have soo many exciting developments underway.


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