Lillian & Vincent Ford

Sometimes it pays to work and live in the place that you've grown up in. I went to school with both the Bride and Groom you see here. Many moons ago.....well, not THAT many:) Anywho, who would've know that our paths would cross again and I would be asked to capture one of their most precious moments---a Traditional African Garden Wedding. This couple was a simple joy to work with, as they were very relaxed, patient, and calm on this day. Somehow I think, a relationship close to 8+ years would do that to you. No need to rush, when you've been there the whole time---in L.O.V.E.


yummy411 January 10, 2010 at 8:11 PM  

awwwwww!! umm i might want an african garden wedding lol! i love it. so beautiful!

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