Mously & Frantzer ---let's take a long walk in the park

"And it's just like honey...when you're love comes over me...oh baby i got a..." - Mariah Carey. That song has absolutely nothing to do with the theme of this shoot, it just so happened to be playing while I am listening to my RnB mix on my pandora. But works, right! Now, onto this heya couple - Mously and Frantzer. I've known Mously since our days kicking the mean streets of Pittsburgh, and when I say she's grown into a fabulous woman---i mean every letter of the word F.A.B.U.L.O.U.S :) Frantzer on the other hand, is a great TEAM SPORT. I have to give the man props, simply because it was hot has ___ in Philadelphia, and because (like most men I shoot with their bride-to-be) the thought of engagement pictures were foreign to him. This along with several other items to cross off the things to do wedding list seemed to come in the truckloads. But in the end, the smiles started to come out naturally, and we were all having a sweaty good time :) Folks, this was a true testiment for why i do what i do...for the people i do it for.....IT COMPLETES ME. Makes me feel all gooey on the inside, capturing people in luvvvv. Oh, special shot out to my partner in crime - Kia Darby ( for doing yet again, a BANG UP JOB with mously's makeup.


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