The couple that Shoots together....

A couple that shoots together....stays together in my book at least. Take a gander at these two extremely photogenic two.  Jennifer and Jeff....or Jsquared as I have coined them to be.  They graced my lens on the purpose of being one of Jeff's suprise birthday gift.  Yea, I am a a suprise gift folks----GET ON IT.  Anywho, they showed up at my studio...jeff completely unaware of what was about to transpire, and here I come...swinging my camera like ITSSHOWTIME.  Good thing this boy is no stranger to the mirror or posing, cuz just like his special lady...they were born to be snapped!  Let's hear it for young  love....


yummy411 March 23, 2010 at 11:11 PM  

gorg! he must be one hell of a man to stand beside a woman like Jen! so cute!

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