Gina and Jess

I know I am veeeeeeeeeeeeeeery late in posting something on this blog. Sue me, wedding season has been kicking my behind!  Anywho, I would love for you all to meet my first wedding couple of the year...Gina and Jess.  They got married at their parents home in  a far far far called, Pylesville, MD....yep, never heard of it...but def. got acquainted on my hour+ drive out in the country.  Aside from the bugs exploading on my dashboard, the scenery was beautiful and calm.  I arrived and BOOM...everyone was drinking.  This my friends, is my type of wedding. Hands down, some of the coolest, chill people Ive had the pleasure of shooting...(wedding party and all). 

Please enjoy the slideshow...tryna do a lil something something different with my wedding clients.  Please enjoy!

Gina And Jess wedding from mrpoteat on Vimeo.


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