Gregory and Felicia

Meet Gregory and Felicia....I must have been very tied up, that I never posted their engagement pictures...we took while strolling along Washington Memorial park in Baltimore, this will be a two part posting...some of their engagements....and BAM, wedding photos!  Talk about a two for one special!!!!  Anywho, this couple was very special to they were referred to me by the daughter of the bride (aka my poetry bandit).  Shooting them was like shooting a couple that's been in love for ever.  I told them to imagine themselves on a simple date/stroll in the park...what would you do?  How would you interract with one another ....and PLEASE FORGET ABOUT THE BALD GUY HOLDING THE CAMERA in ur face.

lets see how they did...
Aren't they just adooooooooooooooooooooorable!!  Now for the BIG DAY!

This was very much a family affair.  Note: Daughter doing mother's make-up....aka teh poetry bandit i referenced earlier.  Moments like these folks...are rare, and I am sooo fortunate to be able to capture them for lovely people.Grandma and her grandbabies.....  (sigh, i think i am having another moment....)Now thats a first kiss!!!  I am such a sucker for a sneak away moment....something voyeuristic and UTTERLY romantic about it...just makes me swoon.  Yes, I swoon.


yummy411 August 24, 2010 at 12:52 PM  

just caught up on the recent posts! great work per usual! wedding season is a tear jerker!

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