Tekeah & Tron Engagement Session

Every now and then, you meet a couple that looks in you the eye.... squares up shoulder to shoulder, and screams-----"CHALLENGE!"  Well, i am exaggerating a bit here, but this couple's engagement shoot definitely challenged my comfort zone (ummmmmmm shooting in the forest of Nottingham -- filled with bugs, mosquito's, and slavelikeheat).  Was I prepared for the heat...of course not.  Was I prepared for the bugs flying in my face as i tried to get a good shot...nope.  Was I even prepared for the sweat staining my eyelids and making me create a funk unGodly---no no no.  BUT, what i was prepared for, is to shoot a longtime friend---Tekeah, her fiance--Tron, in what I deem an AMAZING EXPERIENCE IN CHALLENGING CONDITIONS PRODUCING ART THAT IS MOVING AND LONGLASTING... copyright that :)  

All in all,  I am extremely elated and proud to have documented such a shoot---and such a dynamic couple.  They kept me moving, and inspired the whole time while out in-----Nottingham. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this session, and i hope you do as well.

And be sure to check out the video, where they make shooting in the woods sooo sooo easy and BEEEE YUUU TEEE FUUL


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