Dear 2011 (Happy New Year)

Dear 2011,

Thank you for an amazing year. In this past year, I established new business connections, stronger friendships, growing partnerships, and overall a more positive outlook about myself. There were plenty of challenges that were presented; some were met and easily conquered, while others left me with lessons learned. I began this photography venture shortly after the passing of my grandmother in 2006, as a springboard to get out there and do more with my life. I was inspired to tackle something different; to work to create art and not just live in it.

Well six years later, I can proudly say...I am doing it. And with all of you guys, thankfully not alone. Being a photographer allows me to live out my dreams - dare to hope, and challenge myself to be a better person. For this, I'm thankful. However, I realize without the love, happiness, and support of clients who believe in my ability, I'm nothing.

To end every year, I often celebrate with a wonderful party at my house and open the doors to anyone who wants to ring in the New Year with Mr. Poteat. This year, I had the pleasure of meeting many new folks, and of course some of my regular buddies. I hope you enjoy viewing these pictures, as much as we had taking them.......................................and there were a lot taken. Happy New Year!!!
~L. Poteat

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