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Family…it’s us, the team at Poteat Image Consulting, LLC. Here again to announce the launch of our brand new Blog, “The Close-up”. The Close-up is created to be an extension of the P.I.C. website, as well as add a personality to the people and our services. A collection of photos, thoughts, stories, and inspiration, intended to help with marking our progress and movement in the pitfalls and hurdles that this industry provides. Here you will find things such as our photo shoots, tips to help improve your image, things to do in and around the city, and much much more. As always mentioned, we’re available for consult and work. If you like what you see—COMMENT. If you would like to work with us, tell us. This BLOG –The Close-up, is here to be an accessible, visually appealing medium, to help us become better acquainted in your life!


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This blog was created to showcase the photography and creative work of Poteat Image Consulting, LLC

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