I was invited last weekend, to go a launch party…A Christian Clothing Line Launch Party to be exact. The name, Andonai Branded Eternal is, “a fashion statement crafted to reach the ‘People of the Public’ via competitive high fashion that is driven by a spiritual message.” The location for this event was set at Mayorga Coffee Shop, in Washington, DC. I must admit, I was a little thrown by the choice of venue, especially given the subject matter of the line. However, my doubts were set aside as I walked in and heard the booming (Christian Rap…music), fashionista’s walking around with trendy bottoms and Jesus Symbol shirts on, Lights, Camera people, and a packed house. Very cool! Now, being caught off guard, I sauntered in there is just a polo shirt, comfy denim jeans, and some vintage brown dress boots. I was not READY…because clearly DC’s finest Christian Soldiers” were in the plizace tonight. OKAY—let’s talk about the clothes. As stated in their testimony, “conscious streetwear”. What exactly is that, well from what I observed were a simple color pallet, heavy use of white imaging, and the use of bold graffiti like words. They were eye-catching, and the models def. worked for their hourly rate—because I was buying! The only drawback for me, is that I would’ve liked to more pieces being presented, in different forms…wrist wear, socks, bags, etc., something more versatile than just t-shirts…giving you flexibility to couple with other pieces. I am not a big t-shirt guy, but I love accessories. I could see myself wearing a single button, black single breasted suit; with a BIG Jesus imprint on the socks dancing between some polished black cap toe dress shoes…in a word, “avantehauteNESS”. But sadly, that’s not an option-yet? So, final thoughts on Andonia…pretty good product, damn good message, and an excellent start to their future in the clothing industry.

You can check them out here: http://www.adonaibrandedeternal.com/catalog/products_new.php


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