The Sparrow Wedding

On May 2, 2009 (pay not attention to the date this was posted...ima busy man:) I was granted the pleasure of being the wedding photographer for Natisha and Terry Sparrow. Now, let me tell you about these two. Natisha has spunk, has fire, has this sorta...."you mess up my photos leonard, and there's going to be trouble" type of persona. Terry on the other hand, has a calm and reserved stature. A definite good balance of the two heavily lit flames...(ahem, did I mention they have four spunky children to care for). and my trusty second photographer- Sanchez arrived on the scene. Me with the ladies, and Sanchez with the guys. Make-up was being served left and right...(kudos to my make-up artist Kia Darby), dresses were being draped, hair combed, and the final touches being added to make this a beautiful affair. I am not going to lie, I had some reservations as the clouds were surely testing the day with a light sprinkle, but by mid afternoon it was sunny and bright, and let us do our thizzle. (I haven't used thizzle in a minute, but that's what this session was like with the Sparrows....THIZZLING... :)


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