Michelle & Scott's Maternity Shoot

I met Michelle and Scott, thru one of my dearest friends.  Scott is a libra (like me), and Michelle is amazing (like me), so......the awesomeness of us producing such an amazing shoot was DESTINED.  DESSSSSSSSSSSTIIIIIIIIIIIINED!  Now, a little disclaimer, since this shoot...baby lucas has been born, has tested out of second grade, and is preparing to take his first date to the ice cream parlor..........sike!(basically, i am hella late in posting this amazing shoot).  Buuuuuuuuuut, the wait is well worth it.    Thanks again Deel Family, it was a pleasure to be a part of such a special moment.


Nikki & Rufus Wedding

I entered the room and heard, "Hey Lucky"...(an old college nickname I used to go by while attending U. Pittsburgh).  There she sat, radiant and beaming from ear to ear as she waited for Beaute to do her make-up.  The room was packed with gorgeous women -also known as her Bridesmaides -  and the Bride herself was not to be outdone.

Her dress by Mori Lee hung in the corner of the SOFITEL suite in downtown, Philadelphia.  The couple chose to have their before pictures taken at the Hotel before hoping in their caravans of love...and heading over to the outdoor ceremony, at Curtis Hall, in Wyncote, PA  The weather couldn't have been more perfect....and as a photographer shooting outside, This is one of those #SWEETJESUSHALLEILUJAH for not raining on the parade type of moments.

After a few formalities, and a  couple of "hey haven't seen you in a while" I picked up my camera and began doing what seemed effortless---capturing an absolutely beautiful woman marrying a handsome man, in a ceremony I will never forget.   

They say, like father like daughter.........well, i think they say it???  Point is---you would think this was a magazine shoot, as stylish as both of them look. Dad escorting his daughter, and daughter beaming at the sight of her soon-to-be husband. 

This is that moment that I looooove capturing, it's......."The Look".  As a groom, I'd imagine it hard to put into words, how you felt the moment she turned the corner, the doors openned, or while she was walking down the aisle to meet you. If I had to guess, what was on Rufus's mind............i'd say, "winnnnnnnning".


 I love this bridal party picture.....it really captures the mood and feel of the day.  Relaxed, casual, and stylish.

 Bridal Bouquet designed by Chrizelle

Special thanks once again to Nikkia and Rufus, for entrusting me the task of trying to match their natural swagger in photos. Wish you nothing but the best!

Please enjoy the video of the day as well :)


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