Dee and Tory

This is hands down, ONE OF MY FAVORITE PICS!!!  Sorry, I know that's a sidebar to a complete post about the budding couple Dee and Tory.  But hell, its my blog and....well, i make the rules.  Moving on.........the lovely lady being held above is Dee.  She and I met a little over a year ago at her sister's wedding---Natisha.  Shortly after the wedding, I received a very complimentary e-mail requesting me as HER wedding photographer! Can you say "LOVES IT" any louder.  Dee has to be the most sweet and easy going person i've met.  And as for her husband........well, he's a perfect match.

OH see how her and her fiance met---click here:  ITS LIKE A WHOLE BIG STORY OF THEIR ROMANCE...shot by me of course!

Anywho, they decided to wed on a beautiful August evening...emphasis on BEAUTIFUL.  The weather couldn't have been sweeter to Mr. Poteat if.  Me and fellow photographer, Alex Sanchez were in for an experience.... A lovely set of images and moments to capture.  It was such an honor being their. Thank you again, Dee and Tory. 

The couple's grand entrance was accompanied by a african drummer and belly dancers.  Different.  But very very beautiful to watch....badaboom badaboom boom boom (inner drummer boy)

Jealous much! Someone tapped into her inner beyonce...or shall i say, "sasha fierce"
This couple couldn't keep their hands to themselves......and who could blame them
The First dance!
See....still can't keep their hands to themselves during this wonderful set of toasts
The DJ threw on the cha cha slide........and in wedding world, that means GET YOUR BUTT ON THE FLOOR AND DANCE...........present company included (don't judge me i love that song)

There THEY GO, i love my job :)

Lastly, wanna check out their video:
Dee and Tory Wedding from mrpoteat on Vimeo.


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