Solyce -7 months

I think I found America's Next Top miniature form. Why? Because this baby is F.I.E.R.C.E. He gave me attitude, he gave me sad....he gave me happy....he gave me mysterious, and all of this at 7 months with NO COACHING :) People, meet my new buddy Solyce. This kid was a joy to capture, as mentioned above, he never provided me a dull moment. Note to self--create bunny ears for my canon...maybe the big black glassy contraption pointing head on at a baby is not the BEST way to shoot a child. That being said...please check out the lovely baby photos AND video! Yes, folks I am now offering video/dvd with packages. I think it helps create the mood a little better. Please enjoy.

Solyce from mrpoteat on Vimeo.


A Photographer's Rant

....This aint a hobby!...sigh, sorry...had to get that off my chest.


Mously & Frantzer ---let's take a long walk in the park

"And it's just like honey...when you're love comes over me...oh baby i got a..." - Mariah Carey. That song has absolutely nothing to do with the theme of this shoot, it just so happened to be playing while I am listening to my RnB mix on my pandora. But works, right! Now, onto this heya couple - Mously and Frantzer. I've known Mously since our days kicking the mean streets of Pittsburgh, and when I say she's grown into a fabulous woman---i mean every letter of the word F.A.B.U.L.O.U.S :) Frantzer on the other hand, is a great TEAM SPORT. I have to give the man props, simply because it was hot has ___ in Philadelphia, and because (like most men I shoot with their bride-to-be) the thought of engagement pictures were foreign to him. This along with several other items to cross off the things to do wedding list seemed to come in the truckloads. But in the end, the smiles started to come out naturally, and we were all having a sweaty good time :) Folks, this was a true testiment for why i do what i do...for the people i do it for.....IT COMPLETES ME. Makes me feel all gooey on the inside, capturing people in luvvvv. Oh, special shot out to my partner in crime - Kia Darby ( for doing yet again, a BANG UP JOB with mously's makeup.


Model Showcase - Matt Bauer


Gangland Photo Shoot

What happens when you take one sick ass designer - Andrew Nowell ( plus a group of uber talented models, and a team that...well, YOU KNOW ROCKS!! You get this amazing photo shoot series, entitled- Gangland.



I was a gift!! Okay let me explain a little bit...cuz you know how some folks be thinking (smh). A friend of mine has gotten into her head, that she no longer looks at the stores like macy's or nordstrom for giving special gifts to some of her equally special friends. "What does she do instead", you ask? Well my friends [pops collar and slides] She decided to get (and I think I can say this and not have any evil eyes thrown my direction)...two of of the sweetest, friendliest, and PHOTOGENIC couples (Nicole and Darryl) to give a pregnancy shoot to...YES! A gift of Poteat, is a gift oh soooo sweet! Copyright!!!! So any of you couples---friend of couples---who have a little bit of human growing inside of you, what are YOU waiting for.


Beautiful Creature Photoshoot

The Team and I decided to tackle a fantasy shoot for our next collaboration. And for that, we enlisted the very accomplished Jese Gary as our model. Two things to note for this shoot: it was our first plus size model shoot, and it was a first fantasy shoot.....a big task to take on----I THINK NOT! Let me just tell you, Ms. Jese threw it down, stepped on it, and kicked out something FIEROCIOUS :) As a photographer, I certainly am excited when I am working with an accomplished model, who can take direction and embellish based on their years of experience. OH YEA...AND FOR YOU JUST NOW READING...make sure you comment. It's the little things in life that makes up happy being stalked.


Wendy & Rashid

FUN. FUN.FUN.....this is how i would describe my time shooting my favorite Pittsburgh couple, Wendy & Rashid. Boy these two had me on some steep hills, high rises...over looks. And I don't know if you guys know, but Mr. Poteat has a certain......issue with heights :( Suffice to say, we still got it in, and had an amazing time doing so.


Lillian & Vincent Ford

Sometimes it pays to work and live in the place that you've grown up in. I went to school with both the Bride and Groom you see here. Many moons ago.....well, not THAT many:) Anywho, who would've know that our paths would cross again and I would be asked to capture one of their most precious moments---a Traditional African Garden Wedding. This couple was a simple joy to work with, as they were very relaxed, patient, and calm on this day. Somehow I think, a relationship close to 8+ years would do that to you. No need to rush, when you've been there the whole time---in L.O.V.E.


Happy New Year 2010

So The year, 2009 has come to an end, and we're all making our new years resolutions to which we hope to fulfill in 2010. Certainly, P.I.C. has some goals and strides it wishes to complete in the current year, and with the help and support of you guys...this can definetly be achieved. The team and I have grown tremendously, we've been published, sort after from clients near and far, and have increased our presence in the Washington, DC market. Who knows whats next, but you can be sure to track our progress on this blog. Please enjoy what we have in store for 2010, and as we make more strides...also take the time to revisit our past work (some of which might be new to you, cuz ive been a lil lazy in updating the blog....sawwwy)


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