Trying something new...........with Chris

As a photographer I feel it is very important to test different medium and styles of creativity.  I often get bored with the same old black and whites, or heavily desaturated images, and want to experiment.  Times like this, I call upon some of my model friends....(feels pretty good saying that). But anywho, for this particular shoot I hit up model Chris Deloatch.  You might remember him from this spread that was featured in HORIZON Magazine.  Well this time, I wanted to do something errrr different, and transform the entire environment into a more graphic piece of work.  With the inspiration being drawn from following some of Kanye Wests blog well as acquiring a new piece of fancy equipment  I decided to get creative on a cold saturday morning with chris.  Here are the results!



The Wedding of Kadijah and Tory was recently published in the February issue of ESSENCE magazine.  They are featured in a story about, "Finding love at any age". Kadijah and Tory have been chosen as the 30's couple!!!!! Special thank you to those involved who made this happen, especially to our fellow friend and blogger who featured their story first on Black Bridal Bliss. This is an exciting moment, and I am very happy and blessed to share it with you.

Special shot out to the bomb make-up artist who helped to enhance the beauty of the lovely bride: Kia Darby


CaSaundra and Brandon

I met CaSaundra (and her business partner Jackie) two years ago at at a Starbucks. The reason for our meeting was to discuss a logo for their non-profit, CAN Dream.  After several cups of piping hot and ooooh so good coffee, we got down to business.  Had I known this was going to be a platform of services to come, I would have worn my "swagger" cologne.  You know...when a briefcase and talent just aren't enough...sometimes you just have to fill the room with some good man stank........(yep, i just said good man stank).  Anywho the relationship was formed, and we hit it off. I was able to deliver to them a solid person to work with and lean on for their creative needs. A year and some change later, I received a second call/request...........from CaSaundra, in regards to her Wedding. *I smiled and thought, "aint no business like good word of mouth good people business!

The wedding was to be celebrated in DC, on a beautiful Fall Day in October.  Beautiful it was.............Fall, it was not.  Sadly, on this day, the sky decided to open up and shower down snow/rain/sleet and anything else it could think of.  It was a bummer.  Much like when our planned engagement session got shut down due to bad weather and President Obama's issued  "State of Emergency".   ...................................................(pause for WTF and OMG facial expressions).  I mean seriously, it was the ONLY day in October....that snowed!  That snowed LIKE THAT!.  (where's my hot tottie)

But folks thats pretty much all that happened that I would consider headache moments.  The rest was simply spllleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeendid.  CaSaundra and Brandon had secured the Ritz Carlton Hotel, and were celebrated with some boot tracking friends and family...who weren't going to miss out on a heck of a time.
Special Thank you goes out to the wonderful Nicole Nichelson of NiksNak and her fabulous team.  They def. made what coulda been a veeeeeeeery bad day an even paced effortlessly executed day.  *Chest Bump


Dear 2011 (Happy New Year)

Dear 2011,

Thank you for an amazing year. In this past year, I established new business connections, stronger friendships, growing partnerships, and overall a more positive outlook about myself. There were plenty of challenges that were presented; some were met and easily conquered, while others left me with lessons learned. I began this photography venture shortly after the passing of my grandmother in 2006, as a springboard to get out there and do more with my life. I was inspired to tackle something different; to work to create art and not just live in it.

Well six years later, I can proudly say...I am doing it. And with all of you guys, thankfully not alone. Being a photographer allows me to live out my dreams - dare to hope, and challenge myself to be a better person. For this, I'm thankful. However, I realize without the love, happiness, and support of clients who believe in my ability, I'm nothing.

To end every year, I often celebrate with a wonderful party at my house and open the doors to anyone who wants to ring in the New Year with Mr. Poteat. This year, I had the pleasure of meeting many new folks, and of course some of my regular buddies. I hope you enjoy viewing these pictures, as much as we had taking them.......................................and there were a lot taken. Happy New Year!!!
~L. Poteat


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