HUF Magazine Editorial -..."Than a Brown Paper Bag"

In Honor of Black History Month, I submitted a beauty story to Huf Magazine.  This feature is entitled,  "...Than a Brown Paper Bag".  For those of you that are unfamiliar to this terminology, "The 'brown paper bag test' was a ritual once practiced by certain African-American and Creole fraternities and sororities who discriminated against people who were "too dark." That is, these groups would not let anyone into the sorority or fraternity whose skin tone was darker than that of a paper lunch bag, in order to maintain a perception of standards. Spike Lee's film School Daze satirized this practice at historically black colleges and universities."

If you are African American, you more than likely have heard this expression used in some shape or form.  And for most folks, this expression carries a negative connotation, and therefor is only spoken in close quarters with familiar folks.  I am curious to know what peoples reaction are to this piece,--- as I attempted to take a more artistic approach to a common stereotype.
This feature can be found in HUF Magazine currently out now.  You can obtain a print copy of HUF Magazine by going to
 and click on the cover.
MUA - Kia Darby
Model - Kya Shavon
Photographer - Leonard Poteat


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