The story of Niya and Keon

This was my first attempt at documenting the love made/created by one of my couples.  Meet Niya and Keon!  And if you're an avid viewer of some of the work published here, you would notice that Niya---is the wardrobe stylist for some of my hottest concepts, as well as her Fiance--being a male model for one of my former shoots.  So here's the skinny...these shoots are A LOT OF WORK.  But A LOT OF FUN! Truth be known, watching a couple re-inact how "he approached her"....or how "she approached him" classic voyeurism, especially when you know IT IS GOING TO GO DOWN...eventually :) 

Special Thanks go out to:
Kei - for waiting in her car for way too long while we finished shooting in the first location
Jai - for opening District early and especially for us & operating on no sleep
Zaneta - for sticking with us all the way through and being late to her own party!
Kia - for 2 gorgeous looks


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