Tiffany and Walter (Engagement and Wedding)

I always love when I meet a couple through a recommendation.  Tiffany and Walter came recommended to me by one of my dear friends...(and also former engagment client Jennifer/Jeffrey)  They walked into my home, sat down...and immediately this big smile came over Tiffany's face. The conversation from there was just as pleasant and easy breezy as I woulda hoped. Tiffany described her vision for the perfect wedding, her thorough planning process, and her emphasis on wanting her photos to be "amazing".  Tiffany don't play when it comes to her photos. 

For their engagement session,  I suggested Brookside Gardens. If you follow my blog, you will know that this is one of my favorite spots to shoot at.  Every time I venture there with a couple, I always walk away with something different....and that makes me smile.

sorta like this >>>>>

I typically like to look for things to climb know, to get a different perspective.  The image above, I am up in the tree like curious george
 This image here......perched on the arm of a park bench. 

This is one of favorite pictures from the engagement session.......... GET IT GET IT...SNEAKY KISSING COUPLE IN THE BUSHES  *ooooooooooooow

Now if you're wondering why the double posting.........why not!  Just keep watching, it gets goooooooooooooood

 details. details. details.
 Tiffany is bringing sexy "back".  Was that corny?  If so, i dont mind...this picture screams HAUTNESS!!! 
 Special thanks to my awesome second photographer Jen!

 The couple elected to have their bridal party pictures taken at their old alumni --- Eastern SHS.  We posed on the steps, and then went inside for more snappy snappy.

 Tiffany custom designed her bouquet to include a photo from her late father.

 more details details!!  again thanks Jen

Long post right? BUT totally worth it! Again, thank you Tiffany and Walter on selecting me as your wedding photographer.  It was a pleasure and honor to be able to capture this magic moment in your lives as Mr. and Mrs. Watson!


HOTEL BLUE - Krave Magazine Feature

Photographer - Leonard Poteat
Designer - Andrew Nowell Menswear
Stylist - Stephanie Pharr
Models - David/Bryan


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