Tamika + Fred Engagement Session National Gallery of Art

Happy New Year everyone!! I wanted to open up this year, with my latest Engagement session featuring Tamika and Fred!  I first me Tamika at an election party back in 2007.  I would post the #TBT photo, but u see....things done changed since then, Mr Poteat got a bit more sexier ....(so for that reason alone, will not dim my vanity light :)  Just kidding.  From the beginning, I noticed Tamika's warm and bubbly personality.  She was friendly, sweet, beautiful, and sharp!  Most of those things I admit I forgot ----due to the uuuuugh "celebration", but was quickly reminded the day of our session.  

This collaboration wouldn't have come to be, if it weren't for the referral from of my besties Jennifer Lucy Tyler.  You might remember the session I did with her and her fiance----but if not, check the link out when you're done here  Jennifer+Jeff.     

Now, after doing a bit of FB research on Ms. Tamika and her sense of faaaaaaaashun, I thought a session at the National Gallery of Art would suit her personality and style.  I wasn't wrong, she came in there guns blazing----------with a team of stylist no less.   Special thanks to Miss Fifi on the make-up and Kim on Hair.  Fred also came with a calm and cool demeanor, a good balance to Tamika....Hell, a GREAT BALANCE :)   What we created was a great introduction into a beautiful union. I am so looking forward to shooting this couple on the beautiful beach sands of  Jamaica in a few months.  XO--mrpoteat 



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